Připojení k internetu v Olomouci, Prostějově, Brně a digitální televize.

If is not possible to have cheap internet by optical cable at your address from our partners, you can have our own services listed below. These are mainly villages and smaller towns where optical internet is not yet in place. With us you can get the internet practically anywhere.

  • 20/2 Mb/s for 449 CZK
  • 50/5 Mb/s for 499 CZK
  • 100/10 Mb/s za 599,- CZK

Offer: set-up fee only 1 CZK

Find out posibilities of internet connection at a specific address.

As part of our project, we will also offer you posibilities from our partner companies.

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About us

Purpose of this project isnt primary offer our services but offer more opportunities.

We created xDSL project for support of our clients, we offer our xDSL when it is not possible to have cheap optical internet connection from our partners. In case of possibility of Wireless connection, we can offer you more possibilities including our own DSL connection.


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Pricelisft for xDSL service of NejPřipojení.cz s.r.o. – for contracts signed from November 1, 2018

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